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Enjoy Smooth Sailing with Highland Starter & Alternator of Kitchener

After all the time and effort you’ve put into hooking up the trailer, towing the boat to the water’s edge, unhooking the boat, backing the trailer into the water and releasing the boat from the trailer, now you find that the boat engine won’t start because of a bad alternator, starter or other electrical problem. Perfect.

Get Your Boat’s Electrical System Back in Ship Shape

Ensure that your boat will start with help from Highland Starter & Alternator. Our experienced installers will make certain that your waterskiing, fishing or other trip comes off without a hitch—at least electrically—with a free analysis of your boat’s alternator, battery and starter.

If we determine there is an issue, we can replace whatever defective electric component is necessary with an affordable new or rebuilt one that’s guaranteed to work. We can also ship any parts you need to you, if bringing your boat to us is a problem.

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