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Build a Foundation of Trust with Highland Starter & Alternator

At Highland Starter & Alternator, we understand the extra challenges faced by vehicle-dependent industrial companies. Not only do you have time-frame and budget agreements to abide by, you have to compensate for days lost due to bad weather. Your livelihood depends on your equipment being in a constant state of readiness as you work your flexible schedule.

As Faith Will Move Mountains, We Will Help You Move Earth

At the first sign that your shovel, crane, bulldozer, paver or other commercial vehicle is slow to start, bring it in to us for a free battery, alternator and starter analysis, or contact us with your parts request. We will identify and solve your problem quickly with an affordable repair or replacement, or ship you the part(s) you need so that your excavation, construction or other gear will continue to be ready at a moments’ notice.

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