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Highland Starter & Alternator Helps You Hit the Ground Running!

Whether you care for farm land as your source of income or for your personal satisfaction, your obligation to adhere to weather conditions and the changing of seasons is non-negotiable.

Working the Land is Tougher When Your Vehicles Fail

At Highland Starter & Alternator, we help make sure that your tractors, trucks and other motorized sets of wheels will reliably start when Mother Nature tells you it’s time to go to work. Planting or harvesting crops or clearing storm damage and stumps are much harder jobs if the equipment you depend on can’t be used.

We offer a free analysis of your alternator, battery and starter, guaranteed low prices on parts and labour, and often times same day service. Also, if you’ve identified the part(s) you need already, we have a vast inventory of new and rebuilt automotive electrical system components that we can ship to your location if you can’t bring the vehicle in to us.

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